’s Brendan Leonard Interview

Brendan Leonard, founder and creative drive behind the popular website joins Sarah and I for a wide-ranging talk about running, outdoor adventures, media, and more. Brendan’s an interesting guy and leads a multi-fasceted life that many URP listeners will appreciate and relate to…all told through the eyes and ears of a humorist who doesn’t take ultra trail running too seriously.

Brendan Leonard semi-rad
Brendan Leonard from Semi-Rad at RRR100. Pic by Aidan Haley.

He and friend Jayson Sime recently appeared in the now-viral “How to Run 100 Miles” about their run at Run Rabbit Run 100 in Colorado last year, and we dig deep into what it was like finishing with just minutes to spare, advice on running with your friend, and what got him through the deep bonks.

We talk about funny Instagram accounts, the influence of cameras on the course, why he hates to run, but likes running, and how he got sober in his early 20s. Lots to cover!

Brendan Leonard semi-rad
Brendan and Jayson looking strong at Run Rabbit Run 100. Pic by Josh Perez.

Brendan Leonard Episode Notes:

Here’s the “How to Run 100 Miles” film by REI. If you’re wondering how a 100 miler differs from shorter distances, this is a great example of what to expect.

Here’s Brendan’s website and here’s his latest Friday Inspiration.

Intro music by David Rosales. We interviewed him at the end of this episode with Scotty Mills.

How to find Brendan’s writing at Outside Magazine.

Favorite Instagram accounts mentioned:

Favorite Twitter accounts mentioned:

Brendan Leonard Semi-rad
Brendan Leonard and Jayson Sime near the finish. Pic by Aidan Haley

Speaking of social media, are you following Brendan on Twitter and Instagram? While you’re  at it, follow URP right here and here. I’m still learning the latter…please forgive me.

More on Chuck Close’s quote about “Inspiration is for amateurs.”

Here’s the book Brendan mentioned:  Everyone’s a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too: A Book

Here’s another podcast Brendan did with another Brendan.

Here’s Brendan Leonard’s latest book:  The Great Outdoors: A User’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know Before Heading into the Wild (and How to Get Back in One Piece)

And here’s the book Sarah recently read:  Sixty Meters to Anywhere

Here’s our interview with Kyle Robidoux where we talk about visually impaired runners.

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Brendan Leonard semi-rad
Semi-Rad print hanging in my studio. Click image for link to store.

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