Western States 2015: Ryan Sandes

Ryan Sandes is coming to Western States with the third-fastest time ever recorded on the iconic course.  Three years ago he finished second to Timothy Olson. Two years ago he dropped, and last year he was fifth. This year, the native South African has targeted Western as an “A” race, he’s been acclimating to California for the past month, and he’s ready to go.

ryan sandes
Photo Kelvin Trautman

We.also talk to Ryan about building a brand around himself, Formula One cars, what type of food South Africans are famous for, and of course, what we prefer in our beer glasses.

Towards the end, Ethan and I chat about the top five stories from Daily News, our own Western States predictions, and why I simply don’t understand most team sports.

Episode Notes:





Episode sponsored by Territory Run Co. Cool lifestyle wear and

Ryan is sponsored by Salomon, Red Bull, and Velocity Sports Lab.  Here’s his website, or follow him on Twitter: @Ryansandes or Facebook here.

Outro music: Hot Hot Hot by Buster Poindexter. Because duh, it’s gonna be hot!

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