Anthony Famigletti – From the Olympic Games to 100 Miles

Anthony Famigletti Interview

Anthony Famigletti has spent plenty of time at the very far reaches of racing success. Two Olympic Games, multiple US championships, Penn Relay Champion, a freaking 4:23 mile pushing a stroller and a 3:58 mile on a treadmill.


Anthony Famigletti
Anthony Famigletti competing in Olympic Games in China

But in the last few years we sort of lost track of him. Fam dabbled in OCR, ran some road races, but wasn’t nearly as dominant–or vocal–as he had been 10 years ago. This is a guy who’d racing style closely matched his personality and opinions–Out front, not afraid, and certainly not holding back.

anthony famigletti

I noticed Anthony Famigletti’s name on the entrant list for Run Rabbit Run 100 a few months ago and immediately started asking him on the show. He politely declined, noting that many people get into ultras for the “wrong reasons” and he didn’t want to put out that vibe.  

anthony famigletti
Fam competing in OCR.

This past weekend he ran his first trail race (and first time past 21 miles) in David Horton’s Promised Land 50k++ in Virginia.  How’d it go? What’d he think? What did he learn? Is he all set for a hundred miler now? 

Anthony Famigletti

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How in the world he got the idea to sign up for an ultramarathon.
  • How he’s training for mountains.
  • Lessons he’s learned re hydration, packs, aid stations, pace, etc.
  • Grok blocking in races.
  • Who he looks to for inspiration in the ultra trail world.
  • Running and racing with a severely damaged toe and which shoes fit him.
  • The differences between the road/track scene and the ultra scene.
  • What he thinks of the doping situation and whether there’s anything we can do to prevent it from permeating MUT racing.
  • MMA and how it compares to running.
anthony famigletti
Fam finishing Promised Land 50k.













Anthony Famigletti Episode Sponsor

Episode sponsored by Destination Trail Events. Candice Burt and crew put on some incredible events–from 5ks to  the new Moab 234 miler.  I’ve got a personal relationship with her events…I’ve worked them, covered them, and paced at them and can attest to their incredible organization and attention to detail.  Check them out here.


Anthony Famigletti Episode Notes

Here’s Fam’s website Reckless Running, and here’s his report from his first ultra.  It’s a good one, check it out.

Here’s our interview with Anton Krupicka from 2011 and with Blake Wood from last month.

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