Brad Dains Interview – Midwest Ultra Scene

Brad Dains Interview

Brad Dains joined Ethan and I to chat about his most recent hundred miler–his fifth in 18 months–and lessons he’s learned during past races. What’ll he do differently in his next big race, and how will he find time to train with a pregnant wife and three girls?

brad dains
Brad, his wife, and three girls.

Brad describes the ultra/trail scene in the Midwest–Iowa specifically–and takes us back to a time when runners could sign up for an ultramarathon on race day. Β He talks about the terrain, club scene, and what size of cajones it takes to train in sub zero temperature.

brad dains

Since he works in a locally owned running specialty store, Ethan and I also talk to him about what he sees on a daily basis. What role do sponsored athletes play in buying decisions, and what are the trends he’s seeing currently?

Brad Dains Episode Notes:

Episode sponsored by Savage Life Solutions card keeper phone case.

Here’s Brad’s blog, and you can follow his tweets right this way.

Here’s the link to the Boonville Backroads Ultra.

The cortido I mentioned is right here from Sonoma Brinery.



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