Clare Gallagher | One Year Anniversary and a Big Win

Clare Gallagher made her debut podcast on URP at this time last year–she’d just crushed Leadville and we got to hear about her training, eating, collegiate running, and studies in Thailand.  Lots of energy, lots of fun, and the potential for a big career was obvious.

Clare Gallagher
Clare Gallagher at finish of CCC. Photo by her dad.

In this most recent interview, we talk about

  • Her win at UTMB-CCC this year, and how it all came about.
  • What happened during her DNF at mile 90 of Western States. 
  • How she approached CCC mentally and emotionally.
  • Running with a core group of girlfriends in Boulder.
  • Clare guides us through the landscape, cuisine, and culture of Latvia.
  • Being an outspoken political/social activist while balancing responsibilities to sponsors.
  • Best bands to listen to while running. (And apparently how good interviews stick in your head if the workout is tough.)

Episode Notes

Here’s our original interview with Clare from last year.

Here’s the article about her training.

Here’s her top five bands/songs:


clare Gallagher
Clare and North Face team mate Stephanie Violett.


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clare gallagher
Clare and her crew chief extraordinaire, her dad.

Here’s Clare’s blog.


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clare Gallagher

clare Gallagher

clare Gallagher








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clare Gallagher

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