Coach Jason Koop Interview


Jason Koop Interview

Jason Koop lists a who’s who of elite runners on his coaching roster (DBo, Kaci, Dakota, Timothy, Varner, Ghelfi), so we thought it’d help to pick his brain a bit and find out why he’s had such success–especially after last weekend’s race at NorthFace50.

We learned that most elite athletes come to the starting line in about the same shape, but it’s the psychological and emotional factors that really make the difference.  We learned that the altitude mask thingamajig is garbage, and we heard an awesome story about his run and eventual DNF at Hardrock this year (it involves a tent, booze, pot, a lightning storm, and some hippies.)

We also get a chance to ask him about the importance of rest, how to choose the right race, and what it really takes to perform at altitude.

You’ll want to listen to this episode at least once, so have a pen handy to take notes.


Episode Notes

Jason’s coaching website with Carmichael Training System

Sarah’s site is here

Outro Music: I’m Writing a Novel by Father John Misty  (better live version here.)

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