Cory Reese Interview

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What does it take to run a hundred miler each month for a year? Lots of experience, a slow pace, an understanding family, tons of luck, great friends, and a positive attitude.

Cory’s got all that, in spades.

I chat with him about all these aspects of his journey, including finding time to balance his family and job, and why he’s taken a particular liking to self-supported runs and Hostess products.  We finish up with an 80’s themed Fartlek round.

Episode Notes:

Cory’s site.

The post about his dad.

Outro music: Working on the Highway (Live) by Bruce Springsteen

Sorry about the quality. I’m using some new equipment and the guest audio is acting up.  I strive to put out a good product and am not happy with the current results. My apologies.

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