Jenny Jurek | Running, Writing, and Adapting to Life Along the Appalachian Trail

When seven time Western States champion Scott Jurek decided to take a crack at the 2,189 mile Appalachian Trail in 2015, he knew it would be a team effort with his wife Jenny. This interview is with Jenny Jurek and gets her perspective on the 46:08:07 FKT.

Scott and Jenny Jurek
Scott and Jenny Jurek

After the six weeks on the road and trail, Jenny and Scott decided to sit down and chronicle the adventure. In their new book North: Finding My Way While Running the Appalachian Trail, Scott and Jenny take turns sharing their experience from the run. Scott writes about the run, while Jenny writes about the challenges of managing his run, from finding the trail heads to fending off well-meaning fans to accommodating a colorful cast of characters who were there to help Scott.

There are a lot of running books out there. From memoirs to extended reports to guides, and this one is special. From the characters to the drama, North is reminiscent of Chris McDougall’s best seller Born to Run and will likely have a huge impact on our sport. I get a ton of books and don’t often make it past the first few chapters…this one’s different. And hey, if you’re interested in purchasing either the book or audio book, please consider using the Amazon link below. It’ll drop a few bucks into the URP bucket and help offset costs. Thank You!

This all took place at a time when Jenny and Scott were trying to start a family, had suffered through miscarriages and medical procedures, and were mourning the loss of a rock climbing friend. There’s a lot here: Running, family, friends, despair, strength, redemption, and rebirth.

Scott and Jenny Jurek
Scott and Jenny Jurek
Scott and Jenny Jurek
Scott and Jenny Jurek in “Castle Black.”

This book and interview by Jenny Jurek will appeal to you if you:

  • Have crewed or paced a mountain hundred miler and wondered what it would be like to do that for six weeks straight.

  • Have or are experiencing a mid-career crisis. Scott and Jenny are sharply honest about Scott’s place in the sport and whether “the flame has burned out.”

  • Enjoy reading about a colorful cast of characters. If you’ve been listening to URP for more than a few years, you’ll recognize:

north face ad Jenny jurek

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Krissy Moehl and Jenny Jurek
Krissy Moehl and Jenny Jurek


Jenny Jurek
Jenny Jurek high high up on a rock face.

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jenny jurek
Jenny Jurek and the mobile aid station “Castle Black.”

Jenny Jurek Episode Outro Music by David Rosales. More music and tour info in the link.

Raven and Jenny Jurek.
Raven and Jenny Jurek at Leadville Half Marathon, 2017.



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