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Ever had crotch chafing so bad that you threw up? What if it was in the first few hours of a 500k race across Tennessee? Would you go on?

Johan on day one of Vol State.
Johan on day one of Vol State.

Johan Steene just set a new record for Vol State 500k, and he’s here to tell the story about training (surprising), diet (not too surprising), Barkley, gear, chafing, and really what possesses a Swedish CEO to travel to the South East to run on country roads for four days.

Johan’s a great guy who finds Barkley a “cozy” run, and who’d love to take on Hardrock, despite living at 21′ above sea level.

Fun interview with a compelling guy.





Episode Notes

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Here’s Alan Abbs’ episode from last year.

Here’s Johan’s report from last year.

Here’s my interview with Jeremy Ebel, who Johan tied with at the Backyard Ultra.

Here are the current standings from the race.

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Finish line pic with Laz
Finish line pic with Laz


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