Ken Michal – HURT DNF and His Battle Plan for Awesomeness

Ken Michal has attempted HURT 100 eight times and finished twice. Why does he keep going back? What’s the draw to that event that appeals to him so much?  With almost 100 ultras under his belt, how does this one relate to his upcoming 48 hour run in a suburban park? What’ll he do next year to get another finish? In this interview, we talk about the race, his training, the unique wait list, and what ultimately broke him this year at mile 67.

Ken Michal

We also talk about staying positive on the trails and how to make any situation a positive experience.  Sure, fitness is important, but not as important as having the right outlook, and Ken’s got that in spades.

Finally, we go through–point by point–his Battle Plan for Awesomeness in 2017. What’s he doing to lose weight, get faster, and improve his running? Some things as simple as stretching, others like documenting his food intake and treating every day like an adventure.  If you’re looking for inspiration from someone you can likely relate to, take 50 minutes and bask in Ken’s energy.

Ken Michal
Ken and Karen

Ken’s always a fun guy to listen to, and since he’s got a podcast of his own, he makes a great guest!  Enjoy the show.

Ken Michal
So fast he’s a blur!

Ken Michal Episode Notes:

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