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Kris Brown finished 4th at the hyper-competitive North Face 50 championship earlier this month,  begging a lot of people to ask “who was that guy?”  I wondered the same thing, so I invited him on the show to learn more.

kris brown
Kris running strong at North Face

What I learned is that Kris Brown has been running ultras for a few years and has really started performing well for the past 18 months. Why the sudden change? What’s he doing differently that is helping him win San Diego 100 and place so well at North Face?

Kris Brown hugging his girlfriend after his 4th place finish at North Face 50.

I found out that Kris has been running his entire life…USATF events as a kid, a state-ranked runner in high school, D3 track and XC in college, and now post collegiately for rabbit apparel as he’s living in Santa Barbara.

Kris Brown
Kris Brown on Hope Pass


In this interview we also talk about:

  • Advice he’s received from Chris Vargo.
  • How he plans on winning a Golden Ticket to the Western States Endurance Run before he turns 30 years old.
  • Why he respects Clare Gallagher so much.
  • Scott Jurek‘s influence on the running scene and who represents it now.
  • What Paddy O’Leary told him at the finish line in San Francisco.
Kris Brown after Santa Barbara 9 Trails

Kris Brown Episode Notes

Here’s Kris’ page from the rabbit website.

Kris mentioned he likes running Luis Escobar’s races. Here’s our interview with Luis, and here’s his website.

Outro music by Matt Flaherty. The song was recorded in Boulder Colorado at an event two years ago with a number of ultrarunners in attendance.

Cool coincidence: Here’s Luis Escobar (r) with Muir Energy founder Ian at the Santa Barbara 9 Trails race that Kris won earlier this year.

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Kris Brown

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