Rachel Bell Kelley Interview

Rachel Bell Kelley was born with a backwards foot, but started running as a kid and hasn’t stopped. She chooses ultras that scare her and take her out of her comfort zone and it seems to be working!  Rachel runs with the Trail Heads running club in North Carolina where she’s able to glean decades worth of wisdom from her group while learning other lessons on the fly.  Most recently, she won the Thomas Jefferson 100k and now has her eyes set on Run Rabbit Run. Rachel has a great attitude about this sport and was a delight to talk to.


In this episode we talk about:

  • Rachel’s fast road speed
  • Running with dogs
  • Trails around North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Tennessee and why Eric is a wimp
  • Pen and paper workout tracking
  • Sarah’s 24 hour run coming up next month
  • Why Cruel Jewel 50/100 is so dang tough
  • Frizzy hair and what to do about it
  • How to squeeze 100 miles tiny an already busy week
  • Eric’s attempt to have a race on calendar and to train with balance

Episode Notes:

Rachel is an Altra and an Orange Mud ambassador

Here is Rachel’s blog. Read it!

Here’s the Thomas Jefferson 100k site, and here’s the Cruel Jewel site.

Outro music: Devil Went Down to Georgia, by the Charlie Daniels Band.

Here is the 50 miler I’m running in August and here is the 24 hour run Sarah is running next month.


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