Rod Bien – Masters Ultrarunner Interview

IMG_4931Competing in ultramarathon at a high level for an extended time is tough to do in this sport, and Rod Bien seems to have mastered it.  He’s been running ultras for 15 years–ten of those near the top.  Sarah and I chat with him to find out what he’s doing to stay in shape–at a time when many of us start to lose fitness.

Known as one of the nicest and thoughtful guys on the trails, we ask Rod:

  • How he got started in this sport and how he’s stayed near the top.
  • What was it like growing up in the shadow of a running-obsessed Navy SEAL father in Hawai’i?
  • What does he do to stay in shape?
  • Why does he switch coaches so often?
  • What’s it like owning a Patagonia store in the trail mecca of Bend, Oregon?
  • Will running dresses ever make it big stateside?
  • What does he think of the state of the sport?


Episode Notes:

Rod’s blog.

Sarah’s piece on Tarawera 100k

Outro music: Forever Young by Rod Stewart


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