Sebastian Salsbury Livin’ the Dream at Fourteen

Sebastian Salsbury is only fourteen years old–he’s a freshman in high school–but has already run 20 ultramarathons and 30 trail races. He’s qualified for Western States, considers Max King and Luis Escobar his friends, and recently went on an epic run in the Grand Canyon.

Sebastian Salsbury
Sebastian Salsbury running trails in the Grand Canyon. There’s no doubt that I’d swallow my teeth on that terrain.
All pics courtesy of Sebastian and Michael Salsbury

I’ve been following Sebastian for awhile, both from an interested media perspective, and from the eye of a parent and a kids running coach. Up until this point, I’d been hesitant to have him on the show because I didn’t want to risk exploiting him. I’ve seen too much attention given to kids by overzealous parents or teenagers driven to be influencers. Luckily, those concerns were alleviated after our talk this week. This kid loves pushing himself, is passionate about the trail/ultra community, and understands what it takes to succeed more than most people twice his age.

In this interview, we talk about:

  • How he got into running.
  • How does he respond to people who question whether he’s pushed by his parents?
  • Is he planning on running XC in high school?
  • How does he balance being a normal HS kid and have a life as a trail runner?
  • The impact trail running camps had on his life.
  • And how in the world he ended up in the Grand Canyon with Max, Jim, and Jim’s girlfriend Jess this past weekend.
  • Beer? Nope, halloween candy.

Jess, Seb, and Max
Jessica Brazeau, Sebastian Salsbury, and Max King at Bright Angel Trailhead. 6:30am.

Sebastian Salsbury Episode Notes

Here’s more info on Max King’s Running Camp (no financial interest) and here’s a video that shows the incredible opportunities afforded to these kids.

Follow Seb on Instagram right here and check out some of the videos of his Grand Canyon adventure.

My favorite Mt. Marathon video.

2015 interview with two other teenagers, Ashley Erba and Jared Hazen.

Intro music | David Rosales
Outro music | AJ LeGrand

Sebastian Salsbury and Jim Walmsley
Sebastian Salsbury and Jim Walmsley after Santa Barbara Nine Trails, 2019.

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