Tim Tollefson – Pacing to the Podium at UTMB 2016

Tim Tollefson – Pacing to the Podium at UTMB 2016

Tim Tollefson chose UTMB as his first hundred mile attempt. Set on a giant international stage in the French Alps, UTMB is arguably the biggest trail ultramarathon in the world, and it’s at this race that Tim executed a well-paced run that landed him on the podium

tim tollefson utmb
Tim Tollefson scouting the course one week before UTMB.

The race went out as expected with Nike teammate Zach Miller setting a blazing pace and European elites giving chase.  Back in the pack, Tim Tollefson held strong, running calm and controlling his emotions until the right time to strike.  You’ll have to listen to the interview to hear how it all went down in the last 50 kilometers.

Tim Tollefson UTMB
Tim Tollefson’s electric finish at UTMB.  Pic by Maggie Zhang.

In the interview, Tim also discusses how and why he chose UTMB for his first hundred, his specific training going into it (downhill repeats!), and his strategy to stay calm amidst all that goes on at a race of this size.  He also talks about his plans for the future, and how he expects to stay competitive for many years.

Tim Tollefson UTMB Episode Notes

Here’s Tim’s interview from earlier this year where he recounted his Transgrancanaria Sufferfest.

Here’s the TrumpExplainsUltras twitter feed.

Here’s coach Mario Fraioli’s website and here’s the Morning Shakeout.

Here’s a great highlight reel from UTMB.

Here’s Tim’s interview with Meghan Hicks after the race.

Be sure to read David Laney’s account of the race right here. Great report!

Here’s Tim Tollefson’s website.


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