WS100 Fast and New: Alex Varner and Max King


They’re wicked fast, but neither have ever run a hundred miles. And both will be pushing the front this weekend.



Alex Varner and Max King: Alex has been running ultras for less than a year, but is considered by many to be a threat due to his leg and climbing speed. Max, a veteran ultrarunner and 2:14 marathoner has chosen Western as his 100 mile debut.  Both are widely expected to push the pace from the front…let’s hear how their training and strategies are coming.





Podcast Notes:

Max runs for Montrail, GU Energy, and Swiftwick, blogs here, and gets all twittery here.

Alex Varner runs for Nike Trail Elite, blogs here, and tweets here.

Outro music: King Without a Crown by Matisyahu.

The Varner audio is a bit unbalanced.  My apologies. 

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