WS100: Kim Gaylord and Vajin Armstrong – Crewing and Pacing



Kim’s own ultra experience is probably what makes her such a valuable crew member for her husband, veteran ultrarunner Topher Gaylord.  She’s raced and crewed all over the world, and now she sits down with me and chats about the traveling circus around the runner and what it takes to get them to the finish line in one piece.





And Ethan and I sit down with Kiwi Vajin Armstrong to hear about his upcoming run at Western States 100.  Ethan will be pacing Vajin, and you can hear him sweating when Vajin talks about his 16 hour goal.  We all chat about how to choose a pacer, what to expect from them, what they should expect from you, and how Vajin feels going into this weekend.

If you’re crewing or pacing anytime soon, listen up and take notes.


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