Yitka Winn Interview

Runner and writer Yitka Winn joins me just a few days after her win at Fat Dog 120 to talk about her first big win, how it happened, and the feeling of running “up front” and getting chased. 

Yitka Winn
George Orozco running Yitka Winn into the finish at Fat Dog. Photo by Glenn Tachiyama.

We also discuss the importance of good communication between runners and pacers. Have they discussed beforehand what information is appropriate and what details the runner does not want to know? If you’re pacing someone and haven’t had that conversation, listen up.

Yitka Winn
Post-race/sleep/shower and chilling at the Fat Dog finish line in the award given to podium finishers: super sweet, glow-in-the-dark capri jammies. Photo by Glenn Tachiyama.

We also talk about Yitka’s “other” life as a professional writer/editor/journalist. How’d she land such a sweet gig at TrailRunner Magazine, why’d she leave it, and how has going back to a 9-5 schedule improved her running?

And if you have fears of night-time running, you’ll get chills hearing Yitka’s stories about her scary encounters on the trails. They all turned alright, but….yikes!

Yitka Winn
Yitka Winn at the Pasayten River crossing at mile 39 of Fat Dog 120. Brian McCurdy Photography.

Yitka Winn Episode Notes

Here’s Yitka’s site.

Here’s the Fat Dog 120 site.

Here’s the article I referenced about the Issy Alps.

We referenced George Orozco numerous times, who’s not only Yitka’s boyfriend, but coach and pacer too.  George also coaches past URP guest Jess Mullen.

Outro music by AJ LeGrand.

Yitka Winn
Yitka Winn hut trippin’ last year.

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